About Sun Dog Cat Moon Integrated Veterinary Care

About Sun Dog Cat Moon

At Sun Dog Cat Moon, we fully believe in the strength of medicine, and while this approach is often sufficient for treating pet illnesses and emergency situations, there is more that can be done to treat chronic conditions like arthritis, autoimmune problems, organ failure, or debilitating diseases. We integrate all available proven modalities to ensure your pet receives the best and most thorough care.

In our years of experience with animals, we’ve seen countless examples of the power of an integrated approach and how it can transform pet health and happiness. By using simple and cost-effective methods such as harnessing the healing power of food, exercise, and making improvements to a pet’s environment, you have the ability to achieve optimal pet wellness.

Meet the Team

Dr. Kelsey Pruitt - Veterinarian at Sun Dog Cat Moon
Our well-established practice is led by Dr. Kelsey Pruitt. She is supported by a dedicated technical and administrative veterinary team, each member working hard to ensure every visit is a healthy and positive experience. Even while we devote ourselves to maximizing your pet’s health, we also devote ourselves to a pleasant, fear-free experience for you and your pet.

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