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Worried about your pet’s health? See how much a homemade diet and nutritional supplements can do for a dog or cat!

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“I was hesitant about The CrockPET Diet® at first, but over the years it has transformed Gulliver into a dog with hardly any health problems. He lost 10 pounds and is a happier, healthier pup overall. All this progress without a single invasive prescription – just a simple food swap! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Julie, Gulliver’s Owner

Where do I begin? First, the staff at Sun Dog Cat Moon is incredible! Caring, compassionate, and very friendly. Second, the veterinarians have always been very accommodating and quick to respond to our needs. We never feel rushed or like we are part of some systematic process. The style and approach of the veterinarians and technicians at each visit is very reassuring and welcoming. Our pups respond so positively to everyone, and I even think they look forward to seeing everyone!

Mike & Heather, Dog Owners

Our cat, Sabrina, is nearly twenty-one years old and still healthy and doing well because of the alternative care options available from Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic. Sabrina presented with total kidney failure four years ago, and SDCM saved her life when other vets recommended euthanizing Sabrina. Sabrina stays happy and healthy by eating the CrockPET Diet® with natural supplements!

Penelope Jean, Sabrina’s Owner

What is a homemade diet?

A homemade diet combines vegetables, meats, and supplements, to support your pet’s organ function and overall health. Switching to a homemade diet gives you the opportunity to customize your pet’s nutrition to better manage the symptoms of obesity, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and more. Take a more proactive stance on your pet’s health by giving them an optimal nutrition plan!

Why make my pet's food at home?

Homemade pet diets allow you to feed your pets whole, human-food-grade quality unprocessed vegetables and meat, while avoiding additives and indigestible filler products found in commercial pet foods. You can customize your pet’s foods to meet their special needs and add supplements to boost their kidney function, gut flora, and more!

Are Homemade Diets Expensive?

The cost of homemade diets and supplements is comparable to a high quality commercial pet food. Cleaner eating and better nutrition means your pet is less prone to illness and disease, leading to fewer medical costs and a healthier, happier pet!
Call us today at 843.437.0063 to learn more about how homemade diets keep your pet healthy!

Where can I find a homemade pet food recipe?

The veterinarians at Sun Dog Cat Moon can help you find a new level of health and wellness for your pets! Our veterinarians are trained to:

  • Assess your pet’s health
  • Determine your pet’s nutritional needs
  • Customize a diet to enhance your pet’s health and well-being

By customizing your pet’s homemade diet and adding nutritional supplements, you can give your pet the nutrition his or her body needs to live a long, healthy life. Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic stocks herbs and supplements we commonly recommend and use with our own pets at home!

Call 843.437.0063 today to talk to a veterinarian about how a homemade diet with supplements can help your pet achieve optimal health!

Benefits of Homemade Diets and Supplements

Know exactly what goes into your pet’s body

Don’t worry about fillers, pesticides, or other unsavory additives in your pet’s food. When you’re creating your pet’s meals from scratch, you can rest assured you are feeding your pet the most nutritious foods possible.

Improve your pet’s overall health

An optimal diet enriched with supplements is bound to improve your pet’s health, both external and internal! Using a home-cooked diet can also promote healing after an illness, injury, or surgery.

Help manage your pet’s weight

You can best manage your pet’s symptoms of being overweight or underweight by switching to a nutritious diet. Our homemade diets focus on unprocessed meats and vegetables to promote healthy digestion.

No need to worry about food recalls

Commercial pet foods are sometimes subject to recalls after being tainted with salmonella or hormones. When you produce your pet’s food yourself, you are relieved of the burden of worrying about these recalls.

Why Choose Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic?

Our Veterinarians
Our Veterinarians
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic believes every patient deserves a positive veterinary experience. Our fear-free veterinary practice is led by two skilled veterinarians and a dedicated support staff. We foster a comfortable environment for all of patients.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic believes in an integrated approach to your pet's health. We support preventive care, urgent care, and vaccinations with therapies like massage, acupuncture, and herbal therapy.
Preventive Care
Preventive Care
Protect your pet with preventive care! We offer wellness exams, vaccines, health screenings, and more to keep your pets on the right track. Preventive care save you money on veterinary bills by supporting your pet's overall health.
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic is committed to keeping your pet comfortable before, during, and after surgery. We carefully monitor sedation, use laser scalpels to promote faster healing, and support healing with laser therapy and acupuncture.
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic performs dental services for dogs and cats you wont find at other veterinary practices in the area. In addition to cleanings, we also offer extractions and fillings. Keeping in step with our fear-free philosophy, all of our dental procedures are performed under sedation.
Try acupuncture for your dog or cat's pain, digestive trouble, or to support the healing process. It typically takes at least three treatments before your pet begins to experiencing the results of acupuncture. Most pets find acupuncture to be a painless experience.
Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy
If your pet isn't a fan of acupuncture, try laser therapy! Laser therapy for dogs or cats is a supplemental therapy for healing post surgery or rehabilitating an injury. Laser therapy heats up tendons and muscle tissue to help your pet feel better faster.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling will not only help your pet maintain a healthy weight, your nutrition is the key to managing chronic illnesses, skin disorders, and more! Schedule your pet's nutritional counseling session with a veterinarian at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic to find out how nutritional counseling can help your pet.
Herbal Therapy
Herbal Therapy
Under your veterinarian’s supervision, your pet will be prescribed herbs to fight illness and boost his or her immune system! Sun Dog Cat Moon veterinarians are extensively trained in Chinese medicine and herbal supplements to keep your pet at his or her best.

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We Have Answers

What are the benefits of making my pet's food at home?

A homemade pet diet allows you to avoid additives and indigestible filler products that your pet does not need in their system. Making your pet’s food at home allows you to feed your pets human-food-grade quality food without the unnecessary corn and filler of commercial pet foods. Not to mention, you will know exactly what your pet is eating! Adding supplements to your pet’s food also gives you the freedom to boost your pet’s internal systems. Call 843.437.0063 today to learn more about how you can make your pets healthier with a homemade diet!

What is the CrockPET Diet®?

The Original CrockPET Diet at Sun Dog Cat MoonThe Original CrockPET Diet® was developed by Sun Dog Cat Moon’s founding (and now retired) veterinarian, Dr. Ruth Roberts. For those pet parents who are able to cook for their companions and provide fresh, healthy ingredients, the veterinarians at Sun Dog Cat Moon assess your pet and customize The Original CrockPET Diet® recipe to fit your pet’s lifestyle and health. At Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic, your pet’s diet is food therapy, a way to keep your pet healthy and help resolve health problems. For more information about the Original CrockPET Diet®, talk to a Sun Dog Cat Moon veterinarian at 843.437.0063.

Can’t I just pick any recipe?

There are a number of great recipes available, but there are also many recipes that are not founded in nutritional science. At Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic, we start with a recipe created by a veterinary nutritionist, and then we customize it to your pet’s unique lifestyle and health needs.

Where can I find supplements that are safe for my dog or cat?

Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic stocks herbs and supplements we commonly recommend and use. Some supplements are only able through veterinarians, but other herbs and supplements are available to the public. We can order additional herbs and supplements for your pet or refer you to local suppliers, depending on your pet’s nutritional needs. Please give us a call at 843.437.0063 to schedule a consultation to determine which diet and supplements will be of the most benefit to your pet.

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