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Laser Therapy heals animal’s soft tissue injuries fast!

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““You cannot put a price on the peace of mind Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic gives you. When my pet feels better, I feel better. I am so grateful for Sun Dog Cat Moon’s collective knowledge in that they not only treat our beloved pets, they treat the pet parents with respect and reassurance.”
Sharon, Boston Terrier Owner

Where do I begin? First, the staff at Sun Dog Cat Moon is incredible! Caring, compassionate, and very friendly. Second, the veterinarians have always been very accommodating and quick to respond to our needs. We never feel rushed or like we are part of some systematic process. The style and approach of the veterinarians and technicians at each visit is very reassuring and welcoming. Our pups respond so positively to everyone, and I even think they look forward to seeing everyone!

Mike & Heather, Dog Owners

I love everything about Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic. Appointments are always on time, and you get focused attention and all the help you need for your pet. I love the access to traditional western veterinary medicine and holistic and Chinese medicine under the same roof, too. I drive almost 3 hours one-way to take my pets here, so that tells you what I think of Sun Dog Cat Moon!

Gina, Pet Owner

What is Laser Therapy for Pets?

    Laser therapy is used to speed up the healing of soft tissues after illness, surgery, or injury with the application of a sterile laser directly to the afflicted area. Laser therapy for animals penetrates the problem area to promote healing with a soothing, warming sensation your pet will love!

What are the benefits of Laser Therapy for Pets?

    The benefits of laser therapy for dogs, cats, or other animals include reduced inflammation, pain relief, cell regeneration, faster healing, and relaxation. Laser therapy treats arthritis, post-surgical healing, wound healing, skin conditions, and more!

How much does Laser Therapy Cost?

    The price of regular laser therapy sessions and maintenance costs just pennies when compared to the expenses associated with surgery, wound maintenance, pain medications, and extra-care. Laser therapy for pets can also be added as a supportive therapy after surgery or in addition to pain medication.

Learn More About Laser Therapy

The veterinarians at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic are ready to relieve your pet’s pain with laser therapy. Laser therapy for animals involves special lasers applied to your pet’s problem areas. The lasers generate a pleasant heating sensation while gently penetrating your pet’s soft tissues to promote healing. Laser therapy for dogs, cats or other animals effectively treat soft-tissue or tendon injuries. Laser therapy is also a great solution for pets averse to acupuncture.

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Why Choose Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic?

Our Veterinarians
Our Veterinarians
Trust our two highly-trained veterinarians at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic to your pet's care. We believe in a fear-free philosophy to keep your pets healthy and anxiety free.
Our Mission
Our Mission
At Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic we take an integrated look at your pet's health by offering vaccinations, surgery, and health screenings complimented with therapies like acupuncture, massage, and laser therapy for an all encompassing look at your pet's health.
Preventive Care
Preventive Care
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic believes our patient's health begins preventive care. We offer vaccines, comprehensive wellness plans, health screenings, and more to take the guesswork out of your pet's wellness.
Give yourself peace of mind your pet is in good hands when he or she needs surgery. Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic has an animal surgery suite with carefully monitored sedation, laser scalpels, and skilled veterinarians for your pet's surgical needs.
We offer animal dentistry under sedation to keep your pet comfortable! Our dog dental cleanings, cat dental cleaning, or other pet dental services are all performed under IV or inhaled sedation to minimize discomfort or anxiety.
Acupuncture for animals is a great chance to give your pet relief from pain and illness. We offer acupuncture for dogs and cats as well as other animals. Our veterinarians offer acupuncture for pets for a multitude of illnesses and ailments, schedule a consultation today!
Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy
Laser therapy for give pets who do not tolerate acupuncture the opportunity experience the same benefits. Laser therapy for animals gently promotes the healing of soft tissues after surgery or injury.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
A nutritional counseling session with a veterinarian at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinarian Clinic heals your pet from the inside out with homemade fresh foods customized for your pet's dietary needs. Optimized nutrition helps pets maintain a healthy weight, heals skin disorders, promotes healthy digestion, and more!
Herbal Therapy
Herbal Therapy
Herbal therapy for animals is supplements suggested by the veterinarians at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic. Therapeutic grade herbal supplements are given under the supervision of your veterinarian to avoid any possible medication interactions.

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We Have Answers

Can laser therapy help my pet?

Yes! Laser therapy helps soft-tissues regenerate faster than without laser therapy.

What conditions does laser therapy treat?

Laser therapy helps heal your pet after surgery or injury, but also helps manage the effects chronic pain, wound healing, arthritis, disc disease, dermatitis, skin conditions, or periodontal disease.

Does laser therapy hurt?

No. Most pets enjoy laser therapy very much.

Are there side-effects to laser therapy for pets?

No. Laser therapy is minimally invasive and has no known-side-effects.

Where can my pet get laser therapy?

Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic performs laser therapy for pets. Call today for your pet’s laser therapy consultation today 843-437-0063.

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