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“I was hesitant about homemade diets at first, but over the years it has transformed Gulliver into a dog with hardly any health problems. He lost 10 pounds and is a happier, healthier pup overall. All this progress without a single invasive prescription – just a simple food swap! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
Julie, Gulliver’s Owner

Where do I begin? First, the staff at Sun Dog Cat Moon is incredible! Caring, compassionate, and very friendly. Second, the veterinarians have always been very accommodating and quick to respond to our needs. We never feel rushed or like we are part of some systematic process. The style and approach of the veterinarians and technicians at each visit is very reassuring and welcoming. Our pups respond so positively to everyone, and I even think they look forward to seeing everyone!

Mike & Heather, Dog Owners

Our cat, Sabrina, is nearly twenty-one years old and still healthy and doing well because of the alternative care options available from Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic. Sabrina presented with total kidney failure four years ago, and SDCM saved her life when other vets recommended euthanizing Sabrina. Sabrina stays happy and healthy by eating a homemade diet with natural supplements!

Penelope Jean, Sabrina’s Owner

What is Nutritional Counseling?

    Nutritional counseling is a specialized diet for your dog or cat, determined by your pet’s veterinarian. The food your pet eats helps he or she manage weight, promote shiny coats, healthy organs, joint function, improves cognitive function, digestion, and more!

Why Try Nutritional Counseling?

    Nutritional counseling for dogs and cats gives your pet the freedom to achieve true health with optimized nutrition! A healthy, balanced diet made from fresh vegetables and meats with supplements fill in the missing elements in your pets diet for a longer healthier life.

Can Nutritional Counseling Save Money?

    When your pet is eating an enriched diet without fillers, hormones, processed ingredients– your may save on veterinary bills as your pet’s health improves. Nutritional counseling frees your pet of routine discomforts such as digestive trouble and chronic pain.

Where Can My Pet Get Nutritional Counseling?

Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic has two veterinarians available for nutritional counseling or cats, dogs, or other pets! Our nutritional counseling services for pets are here to assist your pets on the way to wellness! Our fear-free veterinary practice puts your pets in control. Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic doesn’t perform exams on cold, impersonal exam tables. Our veterinarians are happy to meet your pets on mats on the floor. Our fear-free philosophy means we aim to ease anxiety when it comes visiting our clinic every step of the way.

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Why Choose Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic?

Our Veterinarians
Our Veterinarians
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic is proud to have two devoted veterinarians on staff to care for your pets. Our veterinarians are committed to your pet's treatment and recovery at our fear-free practice.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic is an integrated veterinary practice. We combine traditional veterinary care like surgery, preventive care and dentistry with supportive therapies such as massage, laser therapy, herbal therapy, and more!
Preventive Care
Preventive Care
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic is passionate about our patients preventive care. We offer vaccinations, wellness exams, health screenings, and comprehensive wellness plans to keep our patients healthy and happy.
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic's surgical suite is fully equipped for basic animal surgeries or more complex surgical needs with proper sedation and gentle laser scalpels. We also offer supportive therapies to help your pets heal faster.
Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic offers dentistry for animals than what you may find from other veterinary clinics in the area. We offer dental cleaning for dogs, dental cleanings for cats, dental extractions for animals, and other dentistry for animals by consultation. All of our dental services are performed under sedation for your pet's comfort.
Schedule a consultation for acupuncture for animals to learn how acupuncture can benefit your pet! Acupuncture for dogs, cats or other pets can assist your pet with mobility, illness, or other chronic issues.
Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy
Laser therapy for dogs and cats or other pets relieves pain from surgery or injury. Try laser therapy for your pet's pain, most pets find laser therapy to be a pleasant experience and a suitable alternative for animals who do not have the attention span for acupuncture.
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional Counseling
Nutritional counseling is a customized plan your veterinarian creates based on your pet's unique nutritional needs! Nutritional counseling eliminates the processed filler products from your pet's food, parring your pet's diet down to the essential down to the bare essentials for pure nutrition.
Herbal Therapy
Herbal Therapy
Give your pet the vitamins and minerals he or she needs with therapeutic grade herbal supplements! Your pet's veterinarian suggests the supplements your pet needs to reach peak performance based on traditional Chinese medicine.

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We Have Answers

What is nutritional counseling

Nutritional counseling is a specialized plan your pet’s veterinarian puts in place to give your pet optimal nutrition. Nutritional counseling uses fresh vegetables, meats, and supplements to manage your pet’s health from the inside out!

What are the benefits of nutritional counseling for pets?

The benefits of nutritional counseling help your pets maintain a healthy body weight, promotes optimal organ function, and helps your pet’s body recover after disease. Nutritional counseling also helps clear skin conditions and makes coats shiny!

Is nutritional counseling only for pet's with weight problems?

Nutritional counseling is fantastic for pets who need assistance losing or gaining weight– it’s also great for pets with digestive trouble, chronic pain, illnesses, skin problems, behavioral issues, and more! Nutritional counseling is improves the health of pets of all weights from all walks of life.

Is nutritional counseling good for my pet?

Fresh home cooked foods and supplements are wonderful idea for any dog, cat, or other pet who may benefit for a boost to his or her health! Schedule a nutritional consultation to learn more about the benefits of nutritional counseling.

Where can my pet receive nutritional counseling?

Make an appointment for your pet’s nutritional counseling session at Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic today! Call 843.437.0063 to book your pet’s nutritional counseling appointment.

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