Sun Dog Cat Moon Integrated Veterinary Services

Advanced Diagnostic Services

When your pet is sick or injured, we have top-of-the-line medical diagnostic tools to determine the best course of treatment. You will find the same advanced medical equipment in our hospital as any hospital for humans! Sun Dog Cat Moons diagnostic tools are beyond what you may find at a typical veterinary practice.

Advanced Diagnostics at Sun Dog Cat Moon

Digital Imaging

Sun Dog Cat Moon has digital X-ray equipment on-site. Digital X-rays give us clear images of your pet’s inner structures quickly and with a lower exposure to radiation than traditional X-rays.


Some illnesses or injuries require a close look at soft tissues and organs. Sun dog Cat Moon offer ultrasound to examine pet’s internal structures and tissue injuries.

Video Otoscopy

When your pet’s ears need a closer look, we offer video otoscopy. Our video otoscopy service helps to diagnose and treat ear injuries and diseases your pet may be afflicted with.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Sun Dog Cat Moon has a fully functional laboratory on-site to make sure your pet receives an accurate diagnosis quickly!