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Exercise & Meditation

Sun Dog Cat Moon believes in helping your pet to maintain a fit body and clear mind. The idea of your pets meditating may sound off-beat; however, pets can use focused breathing to relax and relieve stress and anxiety just like their human counterparts!

Exercise & Meditation Counseling at Sun Dog Cat Moon
It’s vital to your pet’s mental and physical well-being to provide ample quiet time for your pet to reset. The other component to keeping your pet healthy and happy is helping them to stay active!

The benefits of exercise & meditation for pets are:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Rehabilitate injuries
  • Reduce pain
  • Gain strength
  • Promote agility
  • Combat problem behaviors
  • Reduce digestive problems

Custom Exercise Programs

The veterinarians at Sun Dog Cat Moon are happy to create a customized exercise program specific to your pet’s age, health, and weight. Call to set up a custom pet exercise program today if you identify your pet as any of the following:

Pets with Health Problems

It can be hard to encourage a pet to be active after an injury or illness. Sun Dog Cat Moon can help devise exercises to keep your pet fit while they recover.

Older Pets

Older pets may have bone and joint pain, so brisk runs aren’t an option. We know several tactics for keeping older pets active without aggravating joints.

Pets with Narrow Bodies

Pets with narrow bodies like Great Danes or Doberman Pinschers can experience painful bloating if they exercise too quickly after eating.

Pets with Shortened Noses

Certain breeds of pets with short noses (Persian cats, pugs, and Boston terriers, to name a few) tend to have trouble breathing when they are exercising.