Sun Dog Cat Moon Herbal Therapy for Pets

Herbal Therapy for Pets

Healing your pet after an illness or emergency (or simply helping your pet to stay healthy) can be as simple as adding herbal supplements to your pet’s diet! At Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Hospital, we can help your pet get healthy and stay healthy with our Chinese Herbal Medicine. Chinese Herbal Medicines for pets can be used alone to maintain your pet’s health or to boost the effectiveness of other treatments such as acupuncture or laser therapy.

Herbal Therapy for Pets at Sun Dog Cat Moon

How can herbal therapy help my pet?

Whether your pet has suffered and chronic illness or injury, or just needs a little health boost – herbal therapy can benefit your pet’s overall health. Chinese herbal therapy for pets can also be useful to bolster your pet’s immune system, strength the body during illness or injury, or to treat illnesses for pets who are averse to medications. Call (843) 437-0063 to find out how we can help your pet with herbal therapy

Is herbal therapy safe for my pet?

Herbal therapy at Sun Dog Cat Moon is carefully regulated by professionals. The herbs our doctors use are checked for purity, are non-toxic, and safe for ingestion. One of the advantages to partaking in herbal therapy in-house at Sun Dog Cat Moon is your pet’s veterinarian is able to carefully advise and monitor your pet’s herbal therapy regimen. To learn more about herbal therapy, call (843) 437-0063 today

What are the risks of herbal therapy for pets?

Very minimal. Your pet’s herbal therapy regimen from Sun Dog Cat Moon is carefully monitored by professional veterinarians. Some pets will experience gastrointestinal effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. Your pet’s herbal therapy is tailored to avoid any interactions with medications. Call us today at (843) 437-0063 to learn more about herbal therapy

Does herbal therapy work right away?

As with other medications, herbal therapy takes a while to build up in your pet’s system. You may not see the results of herbal therapy for up to two weeks from the starting date. Every pet is different, sometimes pets will respond more quickly to treatments, other times it can take longer to see full benefits. To learn more about herbal therapy, call (843) 437-0063 today