Sun Dog Cat Moon Western Veterinary Medicine

Preventive Care

Sun Dog Cat Moon Veterinary Clinic is committed to keeping your pet well before health problems can arise. We offer wellness plans, vaccines, and regular check-ups to keep your pet healthy and happy! We care for pets from birth throughout the aging process.

Preventive Veterinary Care at Sun Dog Cat Moon

Preventive Examinations

Regular check-ups save lives! Small issues such as bad breath or weight gain can be a sign of serious problems. Make sure your pet is safe by scheduling preventative exams so we can accurately track any behavioral or physical changes before permanent serious health conditions can take hold. Call (843) 437-0063 to schedule an appointment today!

Advanced Diagnostics

Sun Dog Cat Moon is fully equipped with the tools needed to ensure your pet is healthy and happy. Our facility employs state-of-the-art diagnostic tools including digital imaging, ultrasound, video otoscopy, and in-house laboratory testing. Learn more about our diagnostic equipment


We offer a full range of preventative vaccines to protect your pet from diseases. If you are concerned whether a round of vaccinations are necessary, we offer vaccine titers to see whether your pet has the antibody to fight a disease. Call (843) 437-0063 to get your pet vaccinated today!

Love My Pet Wellness Plans

Our wellness plans will help your pets achieve and maintain an all-around wellness with regular exams and services. Sign up for a Love My Pet Plan to give your pet access to regular check-ups, testing, and services at a discounted rate! Learn more about wellness plans at Sun Dog Cat Moon

Nutritional Counseling

The Original CrockPET Diet at Sun Dog Cat MoonAt Sun Dog Cat Moon, we believe one of foundations of your pet’s health and wellness is nutrition. Our nutritional counseling is designed to put your pet on the fast track to living a healthier longer life! Sun Dog Cat Moon’s founding (and now retired) veterinarian, Dr. Ruth Roberts, also developed the revolutionary CrockPet Diet®. Find out how we can help your pet achieve a healthy lifestyle

Behavioral Counseling

Aggressive behaviors? Trouble obeying? Housetraining issues? A pet’s behavioral problems don’t have to be a fact of life; we can help! Sun Dog Cat Moon offers professional behavioral counseling and consultations to help you tackle your pet’s unsavory behaviors. Find out how we can help your pet become a better citizen and family member


Dental health is imperative to your pet’s health and happiness! Dental problems can lead to pain and serious health complications. At Sun Dog Cat Moon we offer basic dentistry to keep your pets breath fresh and healthy. Learn more about veterinary dentistry at Sun Dog Cat Moon

Surgical Care

Sun Dog Cat Moon is fully equipped to perform animal surgeries including spay/neuter services, orthopedic, and other general surgeries under anesthesia. We forgo traditional scalpels in favor of surgical lasers to minimize your pets pain and downtime. Learn more about surgical procedures at Sun Dog Cat Moon